League of Oregon Cities

NEW! LOC Legislative Bulletin – March 18

  • Legislators sponsor LOC bill
  • TSCC’s days numbered?
  • City Hall Day at the Capitol
  • Recap of annexation hearings
  • Wyden, Smith support cities

Attorney General’s Use of Deadly Force Report
Cities: your comments are needed.

March Local Focus Online

  • Mayors take Capitol by storm
  • Paying Measure 37 compensation
  • Soldiers make appeal to LOC Board
  • Senate takes hearings on the road
  • RAINS connects and protects

2005 James C. Howland Awards
Has your city made a significant difference in the quality of life for your community? If so, share the news about those accomplishments by submitting a nomination to the National League of Cities’ 2005 James C. Howland Award for Municipal Enrichment.

OPRD’s 2005 Local Government Grant Program
Eligible projects include acquisitions, development and rehabilitation.

Oregon Local Leadership Institute Offers workshop on Water and Wastewater Funding
Making the Most of Your Community’s Financial Resources: Tools to Help Finance Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities will be offered in eight locations throughout Oregon during April and May, 2005.

PERS Decision Impacts for Cities
Please click the icon (right) to read an initial analysis of this week’s Oregon Supreme Court decision at it relates to cities

Guidelines for Interstate Cooperative Contracts
The new state public contracting code took effect March 1, establishing procedural requirements for accessing cooperative purchasing contracts. The attached (click link, at left) is provided by U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, of which many Oregon cities are participants.

O.L.L.I. Training to Cover the Shift to Next Generation of Local Leaders
“The Generational Shift™: What you need to know about the Workplace Revolution” will be offered in Salem on Wednesday, April 6th and the Local Government Center. This workshop will be taught by Caroline Martin, Ph.D., a world-class educator, author, and principal for Rainmaker Thinking, Inc. Dr. Martin is the co-author of the books “Managing Generation Y;” “Managing the Generation Mix;” and “The Customer Service Intervention.”

Newly Elected Officials Workshop – 2005
Register now for the 2005 Newly Elected Officials Workshops, co-sponsored by LOC and the Association of Oregon Counties. Beginning March 1, these will be offered in nine locations around Oregon. Under a new group discount, the regular $50 registration price will only be charged for the first four participants, then it’s $20 for each additional participant.

Keys to Grantwriting Success Workshops to be Offered
The Oregon Local Leadership Institute has contracted with e-Civis to bring this grantwriting workshop to Oregon. The workshop will be offered in five locations around the state.

Project Management Training Offered this Spring
The Oregon Local Leadership Institute has teamed up with the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Association of Oregon Counties to offer a series of project management workshops. These workshops are offered to local governments for 50% of the actual cost due to an agreement with ODOT. Workshops are listed on the Loc OLLI Training Page.

Measure 37 Q & A
Released by the governor’s office to provide local governments with information that will better enable the state to implement the measure.

Attorney General’s Letter of Advice on Measure 37
Addresses two questions: whether a public entity’s decision to ‘modify, remove or not apply’ a law under Section 8 of Measure 37 may be made on a blanket basis; and if a waiver under the measure is personal to the current owner of the property or if it runs with the land.

PERS Board Adopts Final Rates for 2005-2007
At its January meeting, the PERS Board voted to “phase in” rate increases for pooled employers over two biennia. Therefore, the adopted rates for 2005-07 reflect half of the rate increase due, based on the 2003 valuation report. In addition, rates are for Tier I and Tier II only (OPSRP and IAP account rates are unchanged), and do not include any employer “pick up” for the employee contribution. An individual report will be sent to each employer from Milliman, the actuary that recommended the attached rates.

2005 State Shared Revenue Estimates
Projected per capita distributions for cities from several state collected taxes, based on the 2003-05 legislatively-enacted budget.

Risk & Recreation Workshop – April 15, 2005 – Salem
The purpose of this workshop is to assist parks and recreation departments in reducing injuries and liabilities at their facilities while maximizing the benefits of recreation.